He was only 20 years old, when in 1959 Stylianos Vasileiou decided to plant the gift of the goddess Athena in his homeland in Makri, hoping to be given what the goddess has promised. Half a century later, Vasileiou family has undertaken to continue this course. The Vasileiou’s family fields are in the olive grove of Makri, in one of the most ancient in the Mediterranean.

Following the old tradition and using at the same time the most modern technology for the production and harvesting of olives, Vasileiou’s fields may offer an extra virgin olive oil, distinguished in International competitions, as well as olives with similar distinctions. Today, the olive trees are numbered on 10,000, which with excellent care come to continue the tradition of so many thousands of years. Trust knowledge and our tradition if you want to enjoy a “divine” gift.

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